Friday, November 12, 2021

And the book-banning beat goes on and on in 2021

School boards across the country have heard from parents who want to ban the book “Beloved” by Toni Morrison. Why have those same school boards not heard from parents about banning “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain? Both books refer to the cruelty and inhumanity impacting Black people in the 19th century. The book by Morrison offers graphic descriptions of slavery and the lengths that one slave woman went to prevent her child from a life where she would be a slave until the day she died. The argument of those who want to ban that book is that reading about such things would be too upsetting for the young, white students whose minds they are trying to shelter and protect. Better if they are not exposed to the horrors that took place in this country for 246 years.

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Personal Postscript — 

In the article, notwithstanding the illusion of open-mindedness by the author, I detect the telltale stench of something wicked in the wind: the progressive propagandist’s latest strategy — revising themes of “banned” books in order to use them as cudgels against the “white privilege” crowd in the racial equity and historical revisionism culture wars. 

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