Saturday, November 20, 2021

Experience Victorian high style at the Mark Twain House

House museums are a mixed bag: maybe the house is beautiful, but its owner’s story, not so much, as at Monticello. Or, consider Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater: a more spectacular home would be hard to find, but it’s hard to imagine living in it. Hearst Castle is magnificent, but we don’t love William Randolph Hearst or his taste for decorative excess. 

The Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut, however, has it all: inspiring architecture, gorgeous interior design, lovely grounds and stories about its original owners and occupants that are fascinating, heart-warming and inspiring. This is the place to learn about the work and the life of Samuel Clemens, and to see Victorian high style at its best.  

Continue reading via this link to Forbes. 

Personal Postscript — Just ignore the cheap shot in the first sentence; the writer at Forbes obviously doesn’t like Jefferson, but I remain an admirer. 

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