Saturday, November 13, 2021

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (again already)

My recent shopping adventure (always a rare excursion for me) shocked me. Christmas is already on full display in retail outlets. By the way, I saw no evidence of supply chain problems for holiday decor. 

And, friends, I remember when Thanksgiving was the “official” start of the Santa Claus season. Stores and towns simply had the good sense to not decorate for Christmas until Turkey Day. Times change, and suddenly I feel very old.

Speaking of Santa Claus, I have fond childhood memories of many hours spent with the annual edition of the book shown below. 

I always I had to choose carefully from the Sears catalog when writing my letter to the North Pole because my parents told me that Santa Claus could bring me only a small number of presents. After all, his sleigh was only so big, and other children were also hoping for presents.

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